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Potato chips & Ranch dip or Corn chips & Salsa – $2

Charcuterie Boards

Approximate servings; small- 2-3 people, large- 4-6 people.

The Classic – Crostini, crackers, assorted meats and cheeses, dried figs, dried apricots, cornichons, mustard and jam.

Small: $33         Large: $55

The Odyssey – Assorted vegetables, hummus, pita bread, assorted cheeses, jam, honey, dried dates, dried figs, and nuts. Vegetarian friendly.

Small: $29          Large: $45

Dough Bombs

Hot baked dough stuffed with gooey cheese and more. Choose from the flavors below.

1 bomb – $5

double bomb – $9

3 bomb basket – $12

4 bomb basket – $16 

“Say Cheese” – Stuffed with gooey cheeses. Served with marinara sauce.

“Cluckin’ Cheese” – Grilled chicken and cheese. Served with marinara sauce.

“Roni Roni” – Stuffed with mozzarella and pepperoni. Served with marinara sauce.

“It’s Poppin” – Stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapeno spread, and bacon. Served with ranch.

“Rad Reuben” – Stuffed with melty raclette, pastrami, and sauerkraut. Served with horseradish mustard sauce.

“Miso Fly” – Stuffed with tofu, kimchi, and a special “Fly” sauce. Served with soy sauce.

*There is an automatic 20% gratuity on parties of 5 or more*