Frozen Drinks

Boozy Moo! Floats

Bananas in Pajamas

This Sh*t is Bananas and Cawfee Tawhk ice cream make a perfect pair in our hour homemade creamsoda, topped with a banana wedge, whip, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.
$  16

Fat Elvis

This Sh*t is Bananas and Peanut Butter Love ice cream make a perfect pair in our hour homemade cream soda, whip & a bacon slice
$  16

O'Mally's Floatilla

Our feautrued Boozy Moo! float! Guinness with two scoops of Dublin Double Chocolate Ice Cream, Whip & Sprinkles
$  16

Strawberry Floats Forever

Two scoops of St. Cooper Strawberry ice cream in our homemade cream soda with our strawberry vodka syrup, whip and a strawberry on the side.
$  16
Frozen Red and Blue Slushies with Straws

Lush Puppies

Mango My Day

Mango syrup, a dash of orange juice, and rum. A mango wedge garnish.
$  13

Kool Kids

Tropical syrup, melon liquor, amaretto, vodka, and splash of cranberry. Lime wedge garnish.
$  13

Cherry Bomb

Cherry syrup, Luxardo, Aperol and bourbon. Maraschino cherry garnish.
$  13

Skinny Bitch

Pureed fruit (berry medley, mango, or black cherries) with White Claw (choose your flavor from our list).
$  8
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