There’s nothing worse than going on a first date and struggling to come up with things to talk about. Picture this: you’re at dinner sitting across from someone you find very attractive, you’re too nervous to pick up your wine glass without visibly shaking, you can feel how awkward the silence is as you both read the menu- are you supposed to ask questions before or after they take a bite of their food? Was I supposed to sit on the booth side? What do I do with my hands?! Well, lucky for you, we found the perfect solution that will never throw a wrench – or an axe – in your plans! Get swiping on the apps, because this weekend’s date night is ON at Albany’s best and only axe throwing bar, The Yard! 


Listen, lumberjacks are in! There’s a reason that those burly guys chopping logs on Tiktok get millions of views. Show up and show out! The Yard has the perfect environment to impress your date. If you’re more of a Himbo than a Highbrow, flex those muscles this weekend at the best bar in the capital region. And if you’re still nervous about a 1 on 1 date… why not make it a double? The Yard is built for groups! There’s nothing better than teaming up with your bestie and taking home the win…or your opponent! 


Whether you’re an axe throwing aficionado or a novice with knives, The Yard has got you covered! Their highly trained staff will ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. The axe throwing set up is well designed and provides a fresh backdrop for those date night pics. Don’t believe us? Check out their insta @theyardalbany and see for yourself! Do you really think we’d lie to the person holding a hatchet? 


Nothing spices up a date night more than some friendly – or in our case, intense – competition. But we get it, throwing hatchets at walls isn’t everyone’s cup of Pumpkin Spice Bourbon (our fave seasonal bevy at the moment). Good thing The Yard has a bunch of other amazing games to choose from! Personally we’re fans of their cornhole, twister, giant jenga, and darts set up. It’s no fun showing up to a date unprepared, so make sure to reserve a spot online ahead of time. If you forgot…no biggie! They have a plethora of other things to keep you busy while you wait. We suggest getting a bite to eat and sipping on a craft cocktail- or do both at the same time with a scoop of their homemade alcoholic ice cream, Boozy Moo!

Even if you get crushed by the competition, there’s no real loser when you’re having the best night out ever. The vibes are good, the cocktails are fresh, the spot is so totally instagramable, and the competition is heating up- even more than their amazing fire pits. If you want a second date, plan your first at The Yard! 

Written by Teddi Shaffer

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