Book a Greenhouse Today!

Have a private party with your friends in one of our themed greenhouses! Each greenhouse is heated, has a curated tapas and cocktail menu, and each includes a Bluetooth speaker so you can jam out to your favorite songs!

Greenhouses are $50 per reservation per greenhouse. Reservations are booked in 90 minute increments. The fee for the greenhouse includes complimentary tapas for the chosen greenhouse.

Choose from "Marrakesh", "Tropicale," or "Cloud Nine" and enjoy the most unique and fun space in the Capital Region! Scroll for more information on the greenhouse themes.

"Marrakesh" - Inspired by a love of all things Moroccan, this greenhouse gives you a taste of Moroccan style and comfort. Curated tapas include Morrocan flatbread, dips, and sweets. You don't need a passport to get away to this "Marrakesh"! Comfortably seats 4 people.

"Tropicale" - Inspired by nature, this greenhouse offers a taste of nations from around the world that sustain the world's rainforests. Travel the globe with our curated menu featuring tapas and cocktails from Brazil, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Indonesia! Comfortably seats 6 people.

"Cloud Nine" - Inspired by the need for more positivity and happiness in the world, this greenhouse will stimulate your senses with its cool cloud lanterns. Enjoy sweet treats and dazzling cocktails in your new favorite "happy place". Comfortably seats 5 people.


To reserve our Marrakesh Green house on Saturday, November 14th, please call us for availability.

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